NYC Subway Frustration

27 Sep

By Gregg Walker: Manhattan Viewpoint blogger

Last weekend provided us with an opportunity to experience the frustrations of the investments being made in our city’s subway system.

2nd Avenue Subway Delays Continue

Though the 2nd Avenue Subway project is already years behind schedule and $1 billion over budget, new disappoints have emerged.

Early this month, we learned that new cost overruns and delays were being blamed on the need to move the plumbing and utilities under the private buildings along 2nd Avenue. One wonders how this moving of utilities could have been unanticipated.

The project is now expected to be completed in 2018, a full two years later than the original plan from just three years ago.

A year ago, at the urging of Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, the MTA’s Inspector General launched a probe into the problems we’ve seen in the 2nd Avenue Subway project. The Inspector General has written to the Manhattan Borough President and outlined the challenges that have resulted in the delays and additional costs. The MTA’s mismanagement of the project has played a large role in the project’s problems.

We hope that the MTA will both improve its performance and hold its leadership accountable for their poor performance with regard to the 2nd Avenue Subway project. Every day of delay causes the real economic pain of the construction project to be extended, and the residents living along 2nd Avenue and the businesses located there deserve better performance.

Straphanger Delays

Our subway system is benefiting from investment, but we must suffer through the investment by enduring delays.

Last weekend, nearly every line of our city’s subway system was facing delays as a result of “planned work” on the subway system.

Let us hope that the frustrations we endure because of “planned work” are worthwhile. Given the MTA’s performance on the 2nd Avenue Subway, we should feel welcome to be suspicious of their simultaneous “planned work” on nearly every subway line.

With a gubernatorial election coming in New York State in November of this year, let us hope that the next Governor in our state will take a close look at the MTA and work to obtain improved performance and better leadership.

Yesterday, the New York Daily News gave us a look at the reviews of the MTA Chairman by respected New Yorkers. His grades are adequate, but the next Governor must demand better than adequate.


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