AmNews editorial starts a stir

30 Sep
Special to the AmNews

The race for governor has finally started to heat up.

Last week, AmNews publisher and Editor in Chief Elinor Tatum lit a fire under the campaign with her editorial titled, “Andy, are you gonna to run a campaign?”

“You have remained silent. You have met with no one. And I mean no one. You have not spoken to us or any other media outlets, for that matter. You seem to think that you are the golden child who cannot be touched, but I am afraid, my friend, you may be sorely mistaken,” Tatum wrote last week.

Within a few days of publication, news outlets across the state and the nation quoted the letter.

The Wall Street Journal called the letter “a worrying development for Mr. Cuomo’s campaign.” And explained “in a close election, the turnout of black voters could become a decisive factor.”

The New York Times said, “Such sentiments carry extra weight for Mr. Cuomo, who has spent years repairing his relations with black leaders after his 2002 primary campaign against Mr. McCall, who would have been the first black governor in New York history if elected.”

But members of the media weren’t the only ones to take notice of Tatum’s letter, Cuomo’s team refused to comment on the record about the letter, but it became clear that they had heard its message and finally decided it was time to abandon his Rose Garden strategy and actually show up for the voters and the community

On Monday, Cuomo spoke with African-American leaders such as former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, Assemblyman Keith Wright and the NAACP’s Hazel Dukes at the Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem about his troubled relationship with the Black community.

On the way, however, Cuomo’s plans to meet with voters were stopped by protesters from the Freedom Party, who support Charles Barron for governor. This was a stark reminder of what Tatum said in her editorial: “We do have other choices. We have Charles Barron, who has continuously stood up for our community.”

When asked about Tatum’s editorial on “Good Morning New York,” Cuomo said, “I’m going to be more in Harlem. I’m going to be more in the Bronx …they want to know that the governor of New York will pay attention to them and I will.”

However, the New York Times wrote last week that “that the danger for Mr. Cuomo was not that black voters would side with Mr. Paladino or Mr. Barron, but that they would not vote at all.”

With just 33 days left before elections, it will be up to the candidates to prove themselves not only to the skeptical Black community, but also to all residents of the state as a whole.


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