Paladino’s “racist” politics

30 Sep
Special to the AmNews

Carl Paladino stunned the state’s GOP when he won the Republican gubernatorial primary earlier this month. Now, he’s stunning the nation with his toxic tongue full of venom and denunciation of Black and poor people, to say nothing of his e-mails laden with racism and pornography.

With apparently no limits to his wacko demeanor, Paladino has even shared e-mail images of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle, portraying them as a pimp and a prostitute. While the candidate has apologized for these “misjudgments,” as he termed them, it still leaves a question about his judgment as a potential state leader.“He’s a sick, racist lunatic,” said Councilman Charles Barron, who is running against Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo on the Freedom Party ticket. “Rather than focusing on the issues and how we can make things better for those facing foreclosures and unemployment, we’re getting sidetracked by a foul-mouthed, outrageous loose cannon.”

Cuomo, during his press conference in Harlem on Monday following a closed session meeting with several Black elected officials and community leaders, stopped short of characterizing Paladino as a racist.

“We must resist Tea Party politicians,” Cuomo said, hoping to sidestep any discussion of Paladino’s behavior or comments. “Yes, I do believe he’s extremist on boarding schools…putting welfare recipients in jail and on abortion.

“I believe Mr. Paladino’s position of saying the best form of government is a benevolent dictator…I believe that is an extremist position,” Cuomo continued. “I don’t believe in a benevolent dictator…we have great potential going forward.”

The NAACP’s Hazel Dukes was less restrained. “That guy from upstate is living off of the state and has nerve to insult our community [and] the president of the United States,” she asserted during the press conference with Cuomo. “Yes, I’m calling it racism. And I’ve been fighting racism for over 40 years. And with my last breath in my body, we will not have him as governor of the state of New York.”

Equally disturbed by Paladino’s remarks was Elinor Tatum, this paper’s publisher and editor in chief. “The idea of Paladino being governor of this state sickens me,” she wrote in an editorial. She said his statements, in a normal year, “would have disqualified him.”

For all the distasteful comments, Paladino seems to be gathering steam rather than falling further behind. Three recent polls had different results in his race against Cuomo, and Paladino may receive additional momentum with Rick Lazio dropping of the race, perhaps ceding the Conservative line on the ballot to Paladino.

Earlier, many pundits considered the gubernatorial race a snoozer with Cuomo versus Lazio, but now it could be a doozer with the outspoken, outrageous Paladino as the main opponent.

In medieval times, a paladino was a hero, a paladin fighting a just cause. My how times have changed.


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