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My Fox NY: Elinor Tatum talks Andrew Cuomo

27 Sep

Elinor Tatum is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the New York Amsterdam News.

Tatum published an open letter to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo questioning his campaign.

Tatum writes,” One thing I can assure you is that you cannot do this without the help of the Black community, and you will not get that help just for being a Cuomo. You need to earn our votes, our trust and our loyalty. At this point, you may be the lesser of two evils, but we do have other choices.”

Tatum joins Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly to discuss her open letter to Cuomo.

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Village Voice: Andrew Cuomo and Black Voters — The Key to his Father’s Victory, Will They Help the Son?

27 Sep

By Wayne Barrett, Fri., Sep. 24 2010 @ 4:21PM

Categories: PoliticsWayne Barrett

Having set the national stage for the Carl Paladino roll-out yesterday, with CNN citing the Times as their reason for interviewing him, the paper did a nosedive today on the Siena and Marist polls that rebut the Quinnipiac numbers that were featured in a front page story the day before.

The Times barely mentions Siena and ignores Marist, though Marist’s 19-point lead for Cuomo is based on likelies, just like Quinnipiac. Polls are snapshots, but how does the Times explain featuring the out-of-focus one on A-1, and then refusing to balance it out with a full slideshow today?

One photo the Times did get right was the one on its inside page yesterday, an artful portrait of Cuomo addressing fenced-in reporters near City Hall. All we see are the outstretched hands of reporters bearing mikes, separated by iron links from the gesturing candidate. It captures the essence of the Cuomo error so far — too much staging and manipulation, too much calculation and distance.

Elinor Tatum captured a bit of the gap in an eloquent open letter in the Amsterdam Newstoday. Continue reading

Times Union: Amsterdam News asks Cuomo if he’s running

27 Sep

Elinor Tatum, the publisher and editor of The Amsterdam Newspublished this stern letter to the Cuomo campaign saying he has not reached out to the minority community, and hasn’t spoken to the state’s oldest African-American newspaper since 2002.

“You have remained silent. You have met with no one. And I mean no one,” Tatum wrote. “You have not spoken to us or any other media outlets, for that matter. You seem to think that you are the golden child who cannot be touched, but I am afraid, my friend, you may be sorely mistaken.”

Cuomo’s campaign has been subjected to criticism for not reaching out extensively deeply into the African-American community. The campaign began doing so last month, but has yet to publish the promised “Urban Agenda” volume of Cuomo: The Books. Continue reading

Capital Tonight on Elinor Tatum’s Editorial

24 Sep

Elinor Tatum, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Amsterdam News, (the nation’s oldest continuously published black newspaper), has given voice to a concern I’ve heard a lot of worried murmurs about in Democratic circles: That black voters won’t come out to vote for Andrew Cuomo.

In an open letter to the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Tatum warned the AG that he “cannot do this without the help of the Black community, and you will not get that help just for being a Cuomo.” Continue reading

Politico’s Maggie Haberman on Elinor Tatum’s editorial

24 Sep

Tatum warns Cuomo on the black vote

I wrote yesterday that some Democrats are expressing concerns about whether Andrew Cuomo’s running-to-govern strategy, and a sense that he’s not aware of how unhappy black voters are, could yield the same result that it did for Mark Green.

Now, Eleanor Tatum, publisher of the Amsterdam News, is giving Cuomo just that warning, finally laying public the frustrations that black officials have expressed privately with Team Cuomo – and saying the black vote shouldn’t be taken for granted. Continue reading

How to register for the elections

23 Sep
By AMITY PAYE: Special to the AmNews

With the primary elections wrapped up, the politicians that made it through are revving up their campaigns, but one thing is even more important than knowing who the candidates are, and that is registering to vote.

Although you can register to vote throughout the year, the deadline to register is 25 days before the next election. That means if you are sending your voter registration in by mail, you must have it postmarked by October 8—that’s just two weeks away. Continue reading

Black leaders call out Paladino

23 Sep
By STEPHON JOHNSON: Amsterdam News Staff

Calling New York State Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino a “threat to New York’s longstanding commitment to tolerance and equality,” New York State’s Black leaders released a collective statement last week after Primary Tuesday addressing a new enemy: Paladino. They called for him to apologize for past remarks that they deemed insensitive and asked him to tone down his rhetoric.

The joint statement was signed by Arva Rice, president and CEO of the New York Urban League; Phil Banks, president of 100 Black Men’s New York Chapter; Hazel Dukes, New York State Conference director of the NAACP; former New York State Comptroller H. Carl McCall; former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson; Assemblymen Hakeem Jeffries, Carl Heastie and Karim Camara; Assemblywoman Helen Foster; Councilman Jumaane Williams; Councilwoman Leticia James; New York State Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson; and Eric Stevenson, leader of the 79th District in the Bronx. Continue reading

Andy, are you gonna to run a campaign?

23 Sep
By ELINOR TATUM: Publisher and Editor in Chief

Dear Andrew,

It has been a long time since we talked. It was good to see you at the editorial board meeting of the Amsterdam News in early August, but besides that, we have not met to discuss issues affecting our community or your election runs since your run for governor against Carl McCall back in 2002. Andrew, that is eight long years ago, and much has changed; yet, much has stayed the same.

You have remained silent. You have met with no one. And I mean no one. You have not spoken to us or any other media outlets, for that matter. You seem to think that you are the golden child who cannot be touched, but I am afraid, my friend, you may be sorely mistaken. Continue reading

Bloomberg Promotes Racial Discrimination

20 Sep

By Gregg Walker: Manhattan Viewpoint blogger

Last week, in a move that is infuriating, frightening, and sad, Mayor Bloomberg has chosen to hire no new firefighters this year in order to ensure that Black and Hispanic firefighters remain nearly non-existent within the Fire Department of New York.

Bloomberg Remains Obsessed with Racial Discrimination

In May of this year, we addressed the Mayor’s obsession with racial discrimination.

We discussed the Mayor’s refusal to end race-based policing. Though more than 90% of those stopped and frisked by New York City police are people of color, though 90% of those stopped are never accused of any crime, and though the small number of white individuals who are stopped are twice as likely as the people of color to be in possession of illegal guns or drugs, the Mayor continues unremorsefully with his record-setting stop-and-frisk pace. Continue reading

Espada’s career in chaos, but he remains unbowed

16 Sep
By STEPHON JOHNSON: Amsterdam News Staff

Held up as a poster boy for everything that’s wrong with local and state politics, New York State Sen. Pedro Espada took on Gustavo Rivera in the West Bronx in this week’s Democratic primary.

And surprising many, he lost.

But despite the results you will probably see his name in the press over the coming months because his problems are far from over. It’s been reported this week that the federal government froze stimulus money that would’ve been distributed to the Soundview Health Center in the Bronx, established and run by Espada. Citing concerns with how some of the money was spent, the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is demanding that Espada repay $90,053. Continue reading