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New voting system smoother for Election Day but not problem-free

4 Nov
By CYRIL JOSH BARKER, Amsterdam News Staff

While the new voting system for the general election was an improvement from the primaries, problems still arose for many voters who cast their ballots.

On Tuesday, voters again used the new way of casting their votes by using paper ballots, rather than lever machines. During the primaries, problems ranging from malfunctioning machines to improperly trained poll workers prompted Mayor Michael Bloomberg to call the process of “royal screw-up.”

In fact, things were so bad last time that it prompted the Board of Election to fire its executive director, George Gonzalez.

Reports indicate that officials from 311 said that they received 729 complaints about ballots and voting machines and 674 about poll sites, while 185 called to complain about poll workers. Approximately 4,266 people called looking for their polling site and 1,554 needed to get general election information. Continue reading


Freedom Party Ballot bound

19 Aug

By NAYABA ARINDE: Amsterdam News Editor

’Twas a glorious celebration on Monday morning at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Anyone would have thought it was Election Night in November, rather than a joyous gathering delighting in the accumulation of 43,000 signatures for the Freedom Party petition to get on the November ballot in New York State.

“No longer are we going to allow the Democrats to take the Black vote for granted, the Republicans to ignore us or the white progressives on the left to use us. We are here to say that the Freedom Party represents dignity, self-respect and self-determination,” declared gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron. “The Freedom Party is for all the people of this state, but we will absolutely be led by Blacks and Latinos.”

According to election law, anyone wanting to establish a new political party in the state must both run for governor and collect 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot, and later garner 50,000 votes at the polls to be officially recognized as a party. Continue reading