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Dems sweep state’s top positions

4 Nov
Special to the AmNews

Unlike the rest of the country, where the Republicans reaped a harvest of votes and almost ran the midterm tables, the state senate race in New York remains a big question mark with three races still up for grabs.

Not in doubt, though, are the state’s top positions that were handily retained by the Democrats with Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo defeating Carl Paladino by a two-to-one margin out of a total of some 2.5 million votes. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand beat back their Republican opponents; Eric Schneiderman, after a nip and tuck race with Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan, is the new attorney general-elect; and Thomas DiNapoli, who replaced Alan Havesi as state comptroller, finally edged out Harry Wilson.

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Dems celebrate rousing win in Midtown

4 Nov
By CYRIL JOSH BARKER, Amsterdam News Staff

Celebration and jubilation filled the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Midtown Manhattan as the Democratic Party managed to win several key races on Tuesday night. Supporters and power players filled the ballroom, hobnobbing while preparing for the next four years of strategy to get New York State in order.

Shortly after polls closed, Andrew Cuomo was named the projected winner of the governor’s race. Cuomo pounced his GOP and Tea Party darling opponent Carl Paladino, who set up shop with his own election night party across the street at the Hilton. In the end, Cuomo took 60 percent of the votes.

Tuesday night’s victory party also brought out several winners from the Democratic Party, including Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, who retained their seats, while Eric Schneiderman was elected state attorney general. Continue reading

Victory for Schneiderman

16 Sep
By CYRIL JOSH BARKER: Amsterdam News Staff

Eric Schneiderman is “all revved up and ready to go.”

The Upper Manhattan senator is one step closer to officially becoming attorney general for New York State, replacing Andrew Cuomo, who is running for governor.

Getting the official word at 1 a.m., Schneiderman addressed hundreds of his supporters at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Midtown Tuesday night. As results came in through the night, supporters let out cheers as the numbers got close, leading many to believe there would be runoff.

At the 11th hour, the election numbers mirrored recent poll numbers that put Schneiderman and Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice neck and neck. However, the final tally said Schneiderman had edged out Rice 34 percent to 32 percent. Continue reading

Voters seek change in state government

2 Sep

By CYRIL JOSH BARKER: Amsterdam News Staff

Voters during this year’s midterm elections seem to have a grasp of what is going on, and it appears they’re fed up with the performance of state government and are at a crossroads as to who they’ll vote for.

While New York has historically had a low voter turnout, with the recent conflicts in Albany, the pinch of the economic crisis and a number of incumbents who have been in office for several terms, many voters are looking for change.

As the debates go on, mailers come in and in the attack ads begin to bombard the airwaves voters are now getting all they can to make an informed decision on who will be New York State’s next leaders The AmNews spoke to a few voters to see how they feel about the upcoming elections. Continue reading

Amsterdam News Primary Endorsements

26 Aug

As this year’s election season is gearing up, candidates seeking the endorsement of the New York Amsterdam News made their annual pilgrimage to the endorsement meetings. The meetings, all held in one day, saw the likes of experienced senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial hopefuls to young men and women running for public office for the first time.

At this point in time, the Amsterdam News is only releasing endorsements for the primary elections. If a candidate does not have a primary, you will not see them mentioned until our final round of endorsements come later in the year.
Here are our picks for the 2010 primary election:

all endorsements

Olanike T. Alabi
Latrice Monique Walker
Barbara M. Clark
Jeffrion Aubry
John Ruiz
Herman D. Farrell
Bill Perkins
Edolphus Towns
Charles B. Rangel
Kirsten Gillibrand
Eric Schneiderman

Schneiderman for Attorney General

24 Aug

By: Gregg Walker
Manhattan Viewpoint Blogger

With the Democratic Primary three weeks away, we endorse State Senator Eric Schneiderman for New York State Attorney General.

New York Times Concurs
Senator Schneiderman is the only Manhattan candidate seeking the Democratic nomination, and he is also the candidate with the best record of taking courageous and correct positions on the key issues facing our state. Not only has he taken the correct positions, he’s been a leading advocate for the biggest achievements of the State Legislature, including the historic repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

The New York Times endorsed Senator Schneiderman for Attorney General late last week, and they did so for the right reasons.

“We endorse Senator Schneiderman in the Democratic primary because of his sound judgment, legal expertise, political independence, and long history of fighting for government reform.”

Amsterdam News Adds Its Support
In a lengthy and detailed endorsement of Senator Schniederman, the Amsterdam News focused directly on how Schneiderman has consistently proven his ability to lead on the criminal justice issues that have been the focus of those of us who live in Upper Manhattan. Continue reading

Amsterdam News Primary Endorsements: Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General

19 Aug

State Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman
There are five candidates trying to replace Andrew Cuomo as he seeks the governor’s mansion: lawyer Sean Coffey, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, Insurance Commissioner Eric Dinallo and State Senator Eric Schneiderman.

Overall, the editorial board found this to be a good group of candidates. Richard Brodsky would to transform the attorney general’s office to a place where the average New Yorker would be involved. Kathleen Rice emphasized the local work she has done to build relationships with local politicians in Hempstead and other Nassau County communities. And Sean Coffey has a strong military background that almost landed him a top spot in the Obama administration. Eric Dinallo was a key player in Elliot Spitzer’s attorney general’s office and worked on bringing Wall Street cheats to justice.

But the overall choice of the board was Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman has been a stalwart defender of the rights for our community. For years, Schneiderman has served the community and the state on many levels. Right out of college, as a deputy sheriff, he started the first comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program at the local jail.

He later attended Harvard Law School and then clerked for two years in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. He worked in a private law practice for several years, where he represented advocacy and public interest groups before he decided to go back into public service, where he has sat as a New York State Senator since 1998.

While in the State Senate, Schneiderman has been instrumental in passing legislation that directly affects the lives of our community. From a Clinic Access Bill to the legislation to increase the minimum wage, to his most recent legislation focusing on how inmates in upstate penitentiaries were counted by the United States Census, he has been there fighting for us.

As attorney general, Schneiderman says he will to bring real reform to the state. One of these reforms is an innocence unit within the criminal division that, when appropriate, will examine prior convictions to ensure that justice is done.
He will work to protect the environment and make sure that our water is safe, starting with preventing dangerous gas drilling upstate until the methods are proven safe.

He will endeavor to protect the people of the state by reforming unfair market practices in the financial sector while, at the same time, ensuring faith in our own public sector.

His agenda is too numerous to go into in its entirety, but it is aggressive and ambitious. If anyone can accomplish these goals, it is Eric Schneiderman, and that is why the New York Amsterdam News endorses him for attorney general.

Who are unions supporting in the attorney general race?

6 Aug

By STEPHON JOHNSON Amsterdam News Staff

The long, tough battle to take Andrew Cuomo’s place as the New York State attorney general comes down the stretch this month for the Democratic Party. With primaries expected to be held in mid-September, each endorsement, no matter where it comes from, holds importance—but some hold more importance than others.

New York State, and in particular New York City, remains a place where unions have a major say in political elections. The attorney general race is no different. Receiving the proverbial thumbs up from a union could be the key to a victory at the polls. So where do they stand?

At the moment, union support is scattered around a few Democratic attorney general candidates. Last month, District Council 37 (DC 37), the city’s largest public employee union, endorsed candidate Richard Brodsky for attorney general. Continue reading

Surveying New York’s Political Landscape: Attorney General Race

30 Jul


While most political pundits have been focusing on the federal elections and whether or not the Democrats can retain both the House and the Senate, New York State politics are also heating up.

Statewide, there are battles for the governor’s mansion, attorney general and state comptroller. And the Democrats would like to increase their slim, two-seat majority in the State Senate, and the Republicans want to take back the body they controlled for more than 40 years.

The stakes are high.Election Day 2010 may shape the next decade-plus of city and state politics for better or worse. The AmNews highlighted some of the more important races and what they mean to our communities in New York City and throughout the state.


Interest in the attorney general race continues to build as each candidate running for the Democratic ticket raises their profile in New York State and New York City. There are five Democrats vying for Cuomo’s current job.

Current New York State Sen. Eric Schneiderman looks to be the favorite for attorney general, especially with New York City residents. He’s had a big hand in passing hate crime legislation, the Women’s Health and Wellness Act and increasing the minimum wage in Albany. His advocacy for eliminating prison gerrymandering practices in New York State has been chronicled in the AmNews before.

Eric Dinallo once served as the superintendent of insurance for New York State and has boasted about his work in the attorney general’s office. Dinallo said he held Wall Street accountable by “rediscovering” the Martin Act, which gives extraordinary powers and discretion to an attorney general fighting financial fraud. Steve Coffey is a former employee of the Bernstein Litowitz firm. Coffey assisted in the battle against WorldCom during the organization’s securities fraud. In his campaign video, Coffey said, “I don’t get Christmas cards from Wall Street or from audit firms, but I do get them from investors.”

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky’s been very vocal about his accomplishments and what he plans to accomplish if elected attorney general. Earlier this year, the AmNews reported that Brodsky referenced his part in fighting the stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, saying, “Those are the things that distinguish good candidates from great candidates.” Brodsky believes that prosecuting and putting people in prison are small parts of the attorney general job and have taken precedent over other equally important issues.

“A small part of this job is prosecuting,” said Brodsky to the AmNews. “But the real issues are property taxes, health care and education. And we need someone to improve the lives of citizens and not just put bad guys in jail.” And while Schneiderman may be the favorite with New York City voters, Andrew Cuomo’s personal favorite to take over the attorney general reins is Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. In Nassau, Rice has a reputation for being a particularly aggressive prosecutor along with her opposition to reform of the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. Rice’s name went national earlier this year when she prosecuted Scott Braun, the manager of teen-pop singer Justin Bieber, for not tweeting that an appearance by Bieber at a local Long Island mall had been canceled.

Some have begun to question Rice’s commitment to the democratic process after the New York Times reported that Rice did not vote for 18 years once she was eligible to vote, casting her first ballot in 2002. She also initially registered as a Republican in 1984 before running for district attorney as a Democrat in 2005.

With Rice being Cuomo’s favorite, it’s understandable that many of New York’s citizens of color remain skeptical of her, with her sketchy voting record, opposition to reforming the Rockefeller Drug Laws, and zeal to prosecute.