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No official stamp, Freedom Party marches on anyway

4 Nov
By Nayaba Arinde, Amsterdam News Editor

The morning after the night before Freedom Party supporters hit the ground running.

“Oh we got the win!” beamed Councilman Charles Barron, who up until Tuesday night had been the Freedom Party gubernatorial candidate. “We are having a press conference on Thursday to announce our founding convention on February 22 and 23rd; when we are going to hammer out our platform, our issues, develop our strategy for our political empowerment, and build our membership. The Freedom Party is here to stay. We are on the move.” Continue reading


The debate that wasn’t

21 Oct
Talking loud and saying nothing is a phrase some armchair and professional pundits alike are using to describe last Monday’s gubernatorial debate. Little was gained or learned, “unless you appreciated the comedy of it,” State Senator Bill Perkins told the AmNews.

To call Monday night’s event a gubernatorial debate would be an overstatement, considering the fact that the candidates vying for the governorship barely spoke to each other but, rather, answered questions about what they would do if elected governor. Continue reading

The Rumble

14 Oct
By Amsterdam News Team:
Nayaba Arinde, Cyril Josh Barker, Stephon Johnson and Amity Paye

As the midterm elections press forward the highly anticipated gubernatorial debate next Monday – 18 Oct., is being dubbed as not only a political showdown – but also free ad time for candidates other than Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo and Republican candidate Carl Paladino.

But rather than a quaint show and tell session for Cuomo and Paladino, they will share the stage at Hofstra University with the five other candidates looking to grab the governorship: including Charles Barron of the newly-formed Freedom Party, Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, Libertarian Party candidate Warren Redlich, Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is too Damn High Party, and Manhattan madam Kristen Davis of the Anti-Prohibition Party. Continue reading

A pox on Paladino and Cuomo

30 Sep
Special to the AmNews

About the same time Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was announcing his urban agenda in Harlem in a closed session with several Black elected officials and community leaders on Monday, Councilman Charles Barron was delivering his urban agenda plan in Brooklyn.

In an interview a day after his press conference, Barron, who is running for governor on the Freedom Party line, spoke in detail about his plan. Continue reading

Freedom Party makes the ballot

2 Sep

By CYRIL JOSH BARKER: Amsterdam News Staff

It’s official. The Freedom Party is now a recognized political party and will appear on the ballot during this fall’s election. After combating an attempted challenge about the signatures collected, the Freedom Party’s focus now is to get votes for the upcoming election.

“We are ecstatic and exhilarated,” said Freedom Party founder and gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron. “We did a top-notch, professional job. Many of the people volunteered because they believe in the Freedom Party.”

The Freedom Party was founded earlier this year in protest against the Democratic Party’s lack of nominating a candidate of color in this year’s state elections. Barron said that Blacks and Latinos have joined all-white parties for years and that the Freedom Party is a Black and Latino-led political party and that anyone is welcome to join. Continue reading

Freedom Party Ballot bound

19 Aug

By NAYABA ARINDE: Amsterdam News Editor

’Twas a glorious celebration on Monday morning at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Anyone would have thought it was Election Night in November, rather than a joyous gathering delighting in the accumulation of 43,000 signatures for the Freedom Party petition to get on the November ballot in New York State.

“No longer are we going to allow the Democrats to take the Black vote for granted, the Republicans to ignore us or the white progressives on the left to use us. We are here to say that the Freedom Party represents dignity, self-respect and self-determination,” declared gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron. “The Freedom Party is for all the people of this state, but we will absolutely be led by Blacks and Latinos.”

According to election law, anyone wanting to establish a new political party in the state must both run for governor and collect 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot, and later garner 50,000 votes at the polls to be officially recognized as a party. Continue reading