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Cuomo and the Community

4 Nov
By Curtis R. Simmons, Stephon Johnson, Josh Cyrus Baker and Amity Paye

Andrew Cuomo has assembled a lengthy Urban Agenda document covering a range of issues that are of interest to communities of color.

In a document covering more than 250 pages his staff has covered a range of issue from criminal justice, housing, education, small and minority businesses. The Amsterdam News staff began the process of analyzing the document so that we can access how a Cuomo Administration would approach issues facing urban and communities of color throughout the state. Continue reading


Deval Patrick becomes only Black governor in the country in Massachusetts

4 Nov
By AMITY PAYE, Special to the AmNews

David Paterson was only the fourth Black governor in the country, and as we watched New York’s gubernatorial races and prepared to say goodbye to the first Black governor of New York State, his counterpart, Duval Patrick, the first Black governor of Massachusetts, was fighting to maintain his position.

Patrick won 49 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, securing his position as governor of Massachusetts for another term. In winning the election, Patrick not only will now be the country’s only Black governor, but also the first Democrat to remain governor of Massachusetts since 1986.

But it wasn’t an easy win as he narrowly beat his Republican opponent, Charlie Baker, who got 42 percent of the vote. As the campaign season proceeded, Patrick’s initially large lead against Barker dwindled. Continue reading

A Paladino warning

7 Oct
Publisher and editor-in-Chief

As the clock continues to tick and the weeks become mere days, we look and see what we really have as our candidates for governor of this great state of ours. Over the past few weeks on this page, we have looked at Andrew Cuomo and what he must do to garner the vote of the Black community. We have talked about Charles Barron as an option, but we have also said in no uncertain terms that we will not support Carl Paladino for governor, and now it is time to tell you why:

“I’m not politically correct, and I don’t want to be!” That is what Palidino has said to NPR and anyone else that will listen to him. While some may feel he is a free spirit, there is more to it than just being politically incorrect. There is something to say about sensitivity to people and the way in which politicians interact with their inner circle and the public in general. Citizens want someone to represent them who has at least a modicum of decorum and shares at least some of the same values. Continue reading

Fulani espouses the mantra of ‘two good choices’

7 Oct
Amsterdam News Staff

Tuesday at the Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem, Dr. Lenora Fulani held a news conference to recommend what she felt were the two best choices for New York State governor. Recommending Freedom Party Candidate Charles Barron and Andrew Cuomo, who is also running on the Independent ticket as well as Democrat, Fulani felt that these two candidates would advance independent politics and “Black empowerment.”

As a founder of the Independence Party of New York, Fulani has promoted the political entity’s causes for two-plus decades. Looking for another option for politically minded Black folks, Fulani believes that the key to challenging the current two-party dominance is investing in independence. “It is a vehicle to challenge the partisan and corrupt self-interests of the state’s Democratic and Republican parties and bring reform to our judicial system, which is so desperately needed,” said Fulani.

Continue reading