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AmNews editorial starts a stir

30 Sep
Special to the AmNews

The race for governor has finally started to heat up.

Last week, AmNews publisher and Editor in Chief Elinor Tatum lit a fire under the campaign with her editorial titled, “Andy, are you gonna to run a campaign?”

“You have remained silent. You have met with no one. And I mean no one. You have not spoken to us or any other media outlets, for that matter. You seem to think that you are the golden child who cannot be touched, but I am afraid, my friend, you may be sorely mistaken,” Tatum wrote last week. Continue reading


A pox on Paladino and Cuomo

30 Sep
Special to the AmNews

About the same time Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was announcing his urban agenda in Harlem in a closed session with several Black elected officials and community leaders on Monday, Councilman Charles Barron was delivering his urban agenda plan in Brooklyn.

In an interview a day after his press conference, Barron, who is running for governor on the Freedom Party line, spoke in detail about his plan. Continue reading

Perkins trounces Smikle despite challenge

16 Sep
By STEPHON JOHNSON: Amsterdam News Staff

While the major theme pushed upon New York State residents was “Throw the bums out,” State Sen. Bill Perkins’ battle with Basil Smikle could be seen as a battle for Harlem’s children. Heavily influenced by the debate over charter schools uptown, Perkins seemed to have met his match in Smikle, who was backed by some of the same people who finance the schools.

Perkins easily defeated Smikle with 76 percent of the vote in the 30th State Senate District. Smikle amassed the remaining 24 percent. Overall, 22,746 Harlem residents went to the polls on primary day and told New York City and New York State exactly what they thought of charter schools. Continue reading

Artifical Turf on Trial in NYC

6 Sep

By Gregg Walker: Manhattan Viewpoint Blogger

The City Limits September 2010 issue focuses on New York City’s shift away from grass athletic fields in its parks to artificial turf. NYC spent $300 million over 12 years building artificial turf fields in its parks, and that investment may have been a mistake. We encourage you to purchase the September issue of City Limits and absorb the detailed investigation and analysis it contains. Continue reading