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Now that we have your attention, Mr. Cuomo…

30 Sep
Publisher and Editor in Chief

Finally, it looks like there might actually be a real campaign.

It seems as though Andrew Cuomo has finally gotten the message that he has to actually engage the electorate and show us that he is actually worthy of our votes. We have been speaking loud and clear for some time now, and it looks like he has started to listen. We have been trying to tell him that we want someone to vote for, not simply someone to vote against.

And last week, Cuomo actually came to Harlem, took some time to shake hands and talk to our folks and open up a dialogue with our community. This is a good first step, but we can only hope this is just the first step in addressing the issues and concerns of Black people, who will be vital for either his electoral success or defeat. Continue reading


Poll: Mayor gets F for school control

9 Sep
By Maryam Abdul-Aleem: Special to the AmNews

Education reform has been moving in a new direction in New York City public schools ever since Mayor Michael Bloomberg won mayoral control of the nation’s largest school district on a platform of education reform and accountability in 2002.

But now that the new school season has rolled around, a new report card has come out on the Bloomberg administration’s pledges to reform the school system, in the form of a new poll, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Although many educators and parents have advocated against the signature education reform policies, people are still displeased with the mayor’s management of the public school system, which he repeatedly said stood on the principle of accountability.

The new poll found 49 percent of people unhappy with the mayor’s job under mayoral control, with only 38 percent saying they approved of his management. Continue reading