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New voting system smoother for Election Day but not problem-free

4 Nov
By CYRIL JOSH BARKER, Amsterdam News Staff

While the new voting system for the general election was an improvement from the primaries, problems still arose for many voters who cast their ballots.

On Tuesday, voters again used the new way of casting their votes by using paper ballots, rather than lever machines. During the primaries, problems ranging from malfunctioning machines to improperly trained poll workers prompted Mayor Michael Bloomberg to call the process of “royal screw-up.”

In fact, things were so bad last time that it prompted the Board of Election to fire its executive director, George Gonzalez.

Reports indicate that officials from 311 said that they received 729 complaints about ballots and voting machines and 674 about poll sites, while 185 called to complain about poll workers. Approximately 4,266 people called looking for their polling site and 1,554 needed to get general election information. Continue reading


New voting system causes mess, distrust among voters

16 Sep
By CYRIL JOSH BARKER: Amsterdam News Staff

As New York State uses new voting machines for the first time in decades, the primary election was an experiment for machines that had mixed reviews.

On Tuesday, voters were introduced to new way of casting their ballot by using paper ballots rather than lever machines. While many had no problem getting their vote counted, others across the city complained of late openings at poling centers, malfunctioning machines and not-so-helpful poll workers.

In Harlem, while the majority of people who voted had few problems, some appear to have distrust for the new system. Continue reading

New Yorkers learn new way to vote in time for election

9 Sep
By Cyril Josh Barker: Amsterdam News Staff

As the countdown to Election Day gets closer, New Yorkers are making their final decisions on whom they will vote for; however, voters are also educating themselves on how to vote for their candidate.

Workshops across the city are being provided for voters to learn about the new system of casting their ballot. New voting machines call for voters to cast their ballots by paper and scan their choices in a machine. New York State is the final state in the nation to use the machines, which replace the large lever machines that had been used for decades.

The new system is a result of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), passed by Congress in 2002, that requires all states to implement a voting system that produces a permanent paper record that can be used in a recount, which lever machines did not have. Continue reading

Board of Elections educate on new voting machines; critics say it’s not enough

19 Aug

By STEPHON JOHNSON: Amsterdam News Staff

After 50 years of flicking switches and pulling that long lever that opens and closes those raggedy curtains and records our electoral decisions, New York City is finally replacing its archaic voting machines.

Next month, electronic scanners are slated to replace our beloved dinosaur machines, according to the New York City Board of Elections. New York State is the last state to replace its voting machines, and some are worried that New Yorkers, who have been comfortable with their creaky old machines, will have a hard time adapting. But Valerie Vazquez, a spokesperson for the Board of Elections, says there is no need to worry.

“We at the Board had a comprehensive educational program initiated by the commissioner once the new [voting] system was developed in January,” said Vazquez. “Since we received our demo machines in May, we launched over 130 demonstrations with 8,000 participants. We’ve gone through this process with various community boards, senior centers, churches, mosques, street fairs [and] housing complexes—anyplace that would have us.” Continue reading